[primera] Organience Barrier Repair Seed Peptide Reserve Serum 30ml

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  • Glowing skin that fills up densely from within with the power of barrier repair & reserve, Organience Barrier Repair Seed Peptide Reserve Serum
  • Self-repairing barrier of Seed Peptide, more powefull than Ceramide : Ceramide takes care of the barrier by absorbing and filling the lipid layer of the barrier, but seed peptide not only fills the lipid layer but also gives the barrier the ability to regenerate itself, helping to keep the barrier healthy down to the smallest unit.
  • The barrier gets stronger the more you use it! Density barrier reserve : Skin that is not easily sensitive to external stimuli thanks to the density barrier! Seed peptide + 4-layer elastic peptide 5-layer synergy completes the density barrier that fills up from within!

01 Pump the stretchy formula onto the forehead and cheeks, spread gently and pat until absorbed.
02 If you want firm elasticity and radiance, it is more effective to layer it twice.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Always wanted to tey it. Comes with delux minis so worth to purchase. Skin feels very smooth.


My skin became more elastic and smooth. If you apply it at night and go to bed, your skin will be soft when you wake up in the morning.

Viktoriia H.

The formula is not sticky and light, so it applies comfortably to the skin. It absorbs quickly, is easy to apply without being sticky, and felt as if a fresh feeling was wrapping around my skin.

Minerva S.

It was truly amazing to see how dull and lethargic skin gradually transformed into soft and vibrant skin. As my skin felt denser to the core, my skin started to glow brightly! 💖🎉 I can see the glow rising!

Martina O.

The dry and rough skin that I had been concerned about gradually changed into soft and moist skin, and I felt like my skin was reborn.