[primera] Organience Watery Essence 230ml

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  • A refreshing water-formed essence that makes the skin firm and lively by emptying and replenishing the skin.
  • After just one day of use, the skin becomes very soft and smooth.
  • Quickly and powerfully restores the damaged skin barrier with 15 second skin chilling.
  • It is effective for oily skin lacking moisture and oily skin that has a lot of heat and deep tightness.
  • It is a water-type essence that penetrates quickly and smoothly, refreshingly and smoothly.
  • PHA gently melts old dead skin cells and prepares the skin with a smooth texture.

Every Morning/Evening, after cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with the contents, gently wipe along the skin texture from the inside to the outside of the face, then tap with your hands for absorption.
Wet 4 cotton balls with plenty of content and attach them to the forehead, cheeks, and nose, then remove them after 1 minute.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Feels nice on the skin

This essence is made in Korea. It comes in a nice glass bottle. According to the box, this is meant for dry, combination, and oily skin and to help with dryness. It is supposed to be used in the morning and evening after you wash your face.

I generally have dryer skin and need to moisturize right after showering. I've been using this for a few days now, and I think this definitely moisturizes but not as much as my regular moisturizer. It does work well when used in combination with moisturizer. I like that it doesn't have an oily feel and do feel it makes my skin softer after I use it. I tried it on a small patch of skin first and could feel the difference compared to the area where I did not use the essence. I also have acne prone skin and did not find the essence made the acne worse. It does not have a strong scent which will be good for people who are sensitive to odors.

Nice moisturizing toner/essence

This Primera Organience Watery Essence(21) by Amorepacific is a toner like moisturizing essence. I normally just use this to replace my regular toner and it works perfect! It has a lightweight texture and is not as sticky as serum. It is advertised as for dry skin but it works great for my oily sensitive skin too!
Price is good for a 8 oz bottle. Definitely worth drying!

Essence is not a toner

This is a nice light essence to be used AFTER toner. Essence and toner are not the same thing and do not have the same purpose.

This provides some soothing and very light moisture, which is great during these winter months. My skin loves it as an added step in my routine. I really like that it doesn't leave my skin feeling like there is anything left behind. Some of them can sort of leave a light layer on the skin, or a somewhat sticky film. This just swipes on night and light and my skin soaks it up. It gives just a slight hint of added moisture, which is great for dry skin. Doesn't interfere with serums or moisturizers/hydrators. Great price too.

Although it looks dark on the bottle and even on your cotton round, it doesn't leave any tint or hue on your skin.

It applies with a slick feel and then absorbs completely after a few minutes.


I'm obsessed with this essence. I'd never used one before but I've been trying to be good to my dry skin and knew that this was a reputable k-beauty brand. And all I can say is WOW. I use this after cleansing and as a vehicle for my hyaluronic acid serums (since of course your face has to be wet to use them properly) and they work together like an absolute dream. This essence adds extra hydration to my face and helps plump my skin, making those pesky fine lines less visible. For the price, this 8oz bottle is a STEAL. I'll absolutely be purchasing again. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!!