[primera] Perfect Oil To Foam Cleanser 200ml

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  • Oil cleansing that strongly removes makeup + Foam cleanser that cleanses with rich foam - Both at the same time! Powerful 1st and 2nd cleansing with one product!
  • Powerful cleaning from base makeup to point makeup. In addition, it strongly cleans fine dust and blackheads accumulated by the external environment!
  • Oil To Foam Cleanser reduces both physical irritation and cleansing time caused by cleansing, enabling cleansing that keeps the skin barrier healthy.

1. Take 1 pump each on both dry cheeks and forehead and roll gently to dissolve the makeup.
2. Wet your hands with water to create bubbles and do a second face wash.
3. Wash your face thoroughly with water.
* Even if only sun care is applied, use the same as before.
* If you do not apply makeup/sun care or when washing your face in the morning, take an appropriate amount and apply water immediately.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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So far so good

This oil to foam formulated cleanser is so far so good. It feels like a gel cleanser and does not like oil when applying to the dry face. So it is quite difficult to spread it over the face. It produces rich foam when adding water and cleanses the skin well. It does not leave the skin dry and there is no need to have second cleansing.