[PURITO] Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack 80ml

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This sleeping pack helps to soothe the skin exhausted from damaging UV rays and other environmental stressors overnight. It is formulated with skin-identical ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide, which strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from the harmful environmental stressors. This product forms a healthy moisture barrier that prevents water loss and keeps skin well-hydrated overnight. Treat your sleep-deprived skin with PURITO Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack.

In the last stage of the night skincare routine, take a moderate amount on your hands and spread it gently on your face.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Also ich benutze diese Nachtcreme seit 3 Nächten. Für meine Mischhaut ist sie richtig gut.
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt auf jeden Fall weiter.


This moisturizer is the best one I've ever used at night , I wake up with the best skin the next day when usually with other products I'm dry in the morning and I love that it has no scent at all.


i love my sleeping cream
I don't know how much damage my skin barrier had and I don't know how much it has recovered to date, what I can say is that I love the hydration and softness that this cream leaves on my face, apart from the fact that it takes a lot of time, worth every penny


This Purito sleeping pack is filled with amazing ingredients that are so good for repairing, soothing, and moisturizing your skin barrier. In the summer I used this when my skin was comprised by trying new products, but I also used it (very sparingly) on dryer areas of my face and under eyes before applying sunscreen and makeup with no issues. Now that it’s cold in the PNW, and my husband keeps cranking the heater up my skin is feeling tight and itchy. This is the time I use the cream generously at night. My skin has been absorbing it all throughout the night. Great quality and great price!


Ordered many items, although it is well protected with bubble wrap, perhaps putting it in a carton box will protect items better. Two of the boxes were dented, lucky items are okay. Good price.