[Real Barrier] Extreme Lip Repair 7g

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Real Barrier Extreme Lip Repair is an intensive moisturizing lip protector for cracked and chapped lips, formulated to offer deep moisture and make them soft and smooth. It contains palm seed butter and moisturizing oil that is gently applied to your lips for a smooth, and gentle treatment. It comes in gel form and can be moisturized your lips instantly. You can carry it anywhere, and apply it anytime for getting fuller and supple lips. It can be applied before or after the makeup, before makeup, it will act as a lip moisturizer, and after makeup, it will add shine to your lips. Its patented MLE® formula creates a skin-friendly protective and moisture-locking membrane. Which ensures long-lasting alleviation of itchiness caused by skin sensitivity and dryness.

[How to use]
Before using it, scrub your lips with a good lip scrubber
Then apply this lip repair cream as a moisturizer
You can also use it before or after your makeup for the total lip care

Each person may have different effects.
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