[RIAH] Hair Loss Relief Pro R-tein Protein Shampoo 400ml

$22.50 $70.00

  • Contains zinc pyrithione to strengthen the scalp core and improve the scalp hair environment to alleviate hair loss symptoms.
  • It contains 7 types of protein essential for the scalp and 17 types of amino acids for hair care to make the scalp and hair strong.
  • Contains GC Complex containing peptides and caffeine to create a strong scalp balance.
  • 3 types of silicone oil and sulfate surfactant free.
  • Completed human body application test for hair loss improvement of Korea FDA certification.
  • It is a weakly acidic formula with a pH 4.5 ~ 6.5, which helps to keep the scalp healthy.

After sufficiently wet hair and scalp with warm water, apply an appropriate amount to hair and scalp evenly, massage, and rinse thoroughly with water.

Each person may have different effects.
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