[RiRe] Bubble Bubble Lip Mask 12ml

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Lip mask to remove keratin and give you moist and soft lips with bubbles! No more scratch on the skin with microbeads, no more scrub peeling!
  • Rich bubbles remove dead skin easily from the lips.
  • No more scrubbing with microbeads! Remove dead skin with gommage peeling gel.
  • Moisturization of the lips with lemon extract and vitamin C.

1. Pumping buble buble lip scrub appropriately and apply contents to your lips.
2.Wait until the bubble comes. (around 30 sec ~ 1 minutes)
3. Scrubbing lips until bubble disappear.
4. Clean up by water.
5. Apply lip moisture cream.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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C. M.

This stuff is magic. I can have extremely dry and cracked lips and then apply this and my lips are so smooth. This works so much better than any harsh lip scrub.

Fun to use

This product is fun to use and does the job. I use it while I'm getting ready and just wipe it off and go.

Sophie J.
Yes! Get it. You'll thank yourself

I struggled far too long with flaky dead skin and cracking dry lips. I hated it..my husband hated it. I tried DIY sugar scrub and that failed. In walked this into my life! Yes. No more bleeding from pulling dead skin..no more flaky dry lips. I've had it 3 days and used about 4 times already. My only warning it's very powerful so don't overuse!!