[rom&nd] Dewyful Water Tint (8 Colors) 5g

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Boost the color with a glossy glow! A dewy-ful& long-lasting lip tint that forms like a welcome rain on my lips.
The next generation tint that Romand introduces.
The sweet rain on my lips, the dewy glow that forms on my lips.
It's easy and comfortable to use everyday. #daily
As time goes by, the color comes up clearly.
It's a color that's easy to apply when you fix your makeup.

  • 01. In Coral : Between orange and pink, bright coral.
  • 02. Salty Peach : Calm peach beige that's like boiled peach boiled down.
  • 03 If Rose : Soft red, warm rose MLBB.
  • 04 Chili Up : Chili Brown, where red and brown coexist.
  • 05. Taffy : Refreshing bubble pink like sweet and sour taffy.
  • 06 Thulian : Soft milk with a spoon of raspberry, unique cool cream pink.
  • 07. Cherry Way : Bright red that resembles vivid cherries.
  • 08. Berry Divine : Deep wine mood, deep berry red.

Using the tip to apply softly from the inside part of your lips.
Apply a suitable amount then pressing your lips together 2 – 3 times.

Each person may have different effects.
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