[ROVECTIN] Cica Care Balm 40ml

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This soothing and revitalizing balm targets the most sensitive and irritated skin that has been damaged by common conditions, including hormonal breakouts, age, and rosacea. Tested on sensitive skin, our Cica Care Balm gently heals and hydrates the skin’s deepest layers while reducing the appearance of spots and scars.

Rovectin’s hydrating Barrier Repair Complex™ helps restore and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Calamine, known as a “magical pink powder,” eases irritation caused by bumps, breakouts, and hormones. Plant-based antioxidant madecassoside revitalizes sensitive skin and reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots.

After cleansing, use cica balm in place of a face cream by massaging evenly into the skin. Apply a generous layer to the most irritated areas.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for super dry winter skin

This balm saved my skin this winter. I had rough, dry patches and it was starting to get painful. I tried this on a whim out of desperation and it helped so much. This introduced me to the whole line and I'm very happy with its performance.


This balm soothes irritated skin with madecassoside, calamine, & Rovectin's Barrier Repair Complex. It has a lightweight cream texture that absorbs quickly. It has an instant cooling effect that feels very nice. Apply to face & irritated skin as needed, suitable for sensitive & dry skin. It doesn't make my oilRead more about review stating Soothingy skin feel greasy.

T. B.
So smooth!

I hurt my skin barrier recently from over applying AHA on my face. My face sting a lot. This balm helps my skin feel moisturize during the night. It feels very nice on my face. I didn’t get any allergic reaction and I have sensitive skin. I wish it has a larger size, I would love to continue using during the winter nights.



aughhn p.
life saver

friend had allergic reaction to masks…after dermatology visits, multiple medications for 4 months went back to basics and this cream…thank god for this cream, only thing that did not burn. now skin is improving