[RYO] ROOT GEN For Scalp Hair Loss Care Scalp Essence 80ml

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  • Intense care of multiple scalp concerns and hair loss with the essence that apply directly to scalp, Ryo Root:Gen Hair Loss Care Scalp Essence
  • A multi-functional essence product for healthier scalp with benefits such as scalp nourishment, strengthening hair roots, improving hair loss symptoms, relieving, reducing sebum, and removing dead skin cell.
  • It is suitable for scalp irritated by heat, hair damaged from dyeing and perm, itching scalp because of dryness, scalp flakes, and smelly scalp caused by excess sebum.
  • Healthier scalp & Hair loss relieve wit a drop after shampooing and before drying your hair! Especially, it's a better to use when your scalp irritated because of dyeing and perm. You can only use it where you want to use it with a massage stick, leaving your hair fresh finish while making your scalp healthy.
  • Recommended for : Those who feel itchiness on the scalp even after washing it multiple times, Those whose hair become geasy very soon even after washing it in the morning, Those with concerns about scalp dandruff or flacks, Those with seborrheic dermatitis, Those with a dry scalp, Those who are worried about hair loss.

Apply an appropriate amount to your scalp and massage around.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Super cooling

i recommend this 100%. works well, i think i really see a difference even tho i dont deal with hair loss. Super cooling too.

Zoé L.G.B.

Makes my hair feel so healthy and my scalp doesn’t get as greasy.

Olga M.

just like the shampoo -- this one I have just started using, the smell is nice and the texture is pleasant and goes onto the scalp smoothly, I will keep on using this!