[S.NATURE] Aqua Squalane Serum 50ml

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This product is a serum that is effective in soothing and moisturizing. This product can be used for men and women of all ages and various skin types, and is a mild serum that improves pores, moisturizes, and calms down. This product has moisturizing, soothing, and pore reduction effects.
This product has been completed for the skin less irritating test so it can be used with confidence.
This product is not sticky but lightly applied to the skin, and provides pore care, moisturizing, and calming effects without oiliness and darkening.
This product comes in a moist droplet formulation, giving a moist finish, and is a colorless and unscented product.

This product contains MAXCALMING, allantoin, and panthenol to calm the skin. This product contains 8 hyaluronic acid, betaine, and squalane to moisturize the skin.
This product contains the Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, which helps reduce pores
This product contains calming ingredients without irritation so it can be used with confidence.
This product contains 1 ppm of squalane and provides skin moisturizing effect without stickiness. This product comes in 8 hyaluronic acid that help moisturize and an ampoule formula containing betaine, and contains 1 ppm of squalane to effectively hydrate the skin.
This product contains squalane extracted from olives, which quickly penetrates the skin and nourishes it.
This product contains Laminaria Japonica Extract, MAXCALMING, allantoin, and vitamin B5 panthenol, which have a calming effect on the skin.
This product contains a Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract that is effective for skin pore care, which reduces pores and calms the skin.
This product does not contain surfactants and artificial fragrances, and does not add functional ingredients, so sensitive skin and children can use it with confidence.
This product has received EWG's green rating so it can be used with confidence.

Drop a few drops of the formula on your face and spread over.

Each person may have different effects.
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