[SIORIS] A Calming Day Ampoule 35ml

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Lightweight and highly hydrating ampoules leave s skin feeling soothed and silky- soft thanks to its gentle formula containing cica, floral extracts as well as propanediol and trehalose for long-lasting moisture. A Calming Day Ampoule comes in a light pink hue, resembling the omija, a traditional Korean tea made of magnolia berry.

A soothing ampoule that infused with centella asiatica extracts and flower extract to calm irritated skin and soften skin’s texture.
Blended with natural moisturizing agent propanediol and trehalose to provide deep hydration that lasts long.
Helps reduce inflammation and soothe redness for a healthy-looking complexion.

Apply 2-3 drops to the clean face after prepping your skin with toner, and let absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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