[SKIN1004] Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Blue Serum 50ml

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SKIN1004's own special ingredient Hyalu-Cica Formula : Experience spotless and satisfying moisturization with SKIN1004's specialized Hyalu-Cica Formula, the golden ratio of hyaluronic acid for moisturization and cica for calming of the skin. 'Hyalu-Cica Formula' contains Centella Asiatica extract for calming sensitive skin and 3 hyaluronic acids for strengthening skin barrier to provide overflowing moisture to dry skin and help form balanced water-oil ratio and bring hydrating sensation.

5-Layer hyaluronic acid for moisture : Large/Medium/Small molecules of hyaluronic acid for absorption and long-lasting hydration.

Strengthen the skin to prevent evaporation 'Ceramide Biom' : Nano-sized ceramide, smaller than skin pore, swiftly and deeply absorbs into the skin to provide powerful elasticity and strengthen skin barrier. Additionally, the ingredient prevents evaporation to form moist and supple skin.

Vitalize the skin with moisture 'NIACINAMIDE & ADENOSINE' : Serum contains niacinamide and adenosine for whitening and anti-wrinkling that help brighten the skin for healthier skin.

Invigorate the skin with energy 'HEDERA HELIX EXTRACT' : With vitality that never fades all year around, Hedera Helix. Calms dry and sensitive skin while providing energy to the skin.

Supple water-type gel texture : Light and non-sticky water gel type for fast absorption.

At the first stage of skincare or after applying toner, pump appropriate amount. Gently apply along the skin texture and lightly tap to absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Game changer

It instantly gives me a glowy look and an even toned skin! Love that it doesn't have any smell and is easy to apply (no sticky feel or residue).


Este producto es super refrescante lo probe en una muestra que me envio la tienda con otra compra que habia hecho y me gusto mucho, por eso compre esta version, la formula es super liquida es como agua en el rostro pero la frescura dura mucho mas y tiene buena hidratacion, me gusto mucho para ayudar a fortalecer la piel.

So great

I fell in love with this serum when i received a sample from a previous order. So i bought the full size and now enjoy it a lot. I noticed it has improved my pimples, they started to fade quicker. I love how it sinks into my skin and how moisturing it feels.