[SKIN1004] Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Cloudy Mist 120ml

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  • Specially developed ingredient by SKIN1004, Hyalu-Cica Formula : Experience intense, all-day moisturization with SKIN1004's specially developed Hyalu-Cica Formula that contains the golden ratio of Hyaluronic acid and Cica.
  • SKIN1004's signature ingredient Madagascar Centella Asiatica Extract : The addition of high-purity Madagascar Centella Asiatica - calms and soothes your sensitive skin and protects the skin barrier.
  • 40% Green Tea Extract, Gentle Soothing : The addition of Vitamins A, C, amino acids and more, help maintain the skin's elasticity and polyphenol completes the moisture barrier to deliver instant calming and hydration.
  • Moisturizing fine mist spray type : The fine moisture droplets deliver lightweight hydration that leaves makeup intact. The fine mist spray type delivers a shower of moisture evenly across the skin.

Hold the mist 20-30cm from your face, spray 1-2 times and finish by letting it absorb into the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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