[SKIN1004] ZOMBIE BEAUTY Bloody Peel 30ml

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NOT suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.

– Stabilized high content of AHA 17%
– Apple fruit extract gently removes dead skin cells and vitamin C brightens dull skin tone.
– Red food recipes from nature, such as tomatoes, red beets, paprika, and berry complex, calms the skin quickly and effectively.

Well-proportioned combination of AHA and BHA components to make suitable for dry skin and oily/combination skin to leave only smooth and healthy skin.

The miracle after 60 seconds. 60 seconds of investment, one day a week, leaves smooth, soft skin.

Cleans up makeup and other Wastes. With the dropper, apply an appropriate amount on to the face area except for the eyes and mouth. Apply it According to the texture of your skin and leave it for about 1 minute. Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water so that it doesn’t get in your eyes.

Each person may have different effects.
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