[SKIN1004] Zombie Pack 1BOX 8EA

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-Zombie Pack (Powder)
Zombie Pack Powder is a face lifting mask that contains albumin which improves skin elasticity and tightens pores.
It also contains other natural ingredients which helps the skin in 9 different ways : dead skin cells, brightness, miniaturization, clarity, skin balance, tightening of pores, elasticity, and lifting.

-Zombie Pack (Activator - Liquid type)
Various extracts help to soften and improve skin elasticity.

1. Open the Zombie Pack powder and activator.
2. Add activator to powder and mix with brush.
3. Spread mixture over entire face excluding eye area.
4. Leave on face for 10~15 minutes and wash off with warm water.
5. Finish with a toner or lotion of choice.