[SKIN1004] ZOMBIE BEAUTY Zombie Pack Set 1BOX 8EA

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Give your skin a home examination! Watch how the mixed solution reacts on different areas of skin to determine what it lacks! Infused with albumen, panthenol and antibacterial propolis extract, this face pack boasts lifting effects while combating blackheads without stripping skin of moisture. Free of parabens, mineral oils, TEA, alcohol and artificial colorants.

  • A best-selling, pore-tightening and lifting face pack that targets the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Simply watch how the Zombie Pack reacts on different areas of your skin to detect what it needs.
  • Infused with adenosine, albumen, panthenol and antibacterial propolis extract.
  • Combats blackheads and offers lifting effect.
  • Free from parabens, mineral oils, TEA, alcohol and artificial colorants.

Pour the activator into the powder and mix them together using the included brush.
Apply an even layer on face using upward and outward strokes. Avoid the eye and lip areas.
Leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Exceeded my expectations

I have dry skin and slightly larger pores, but I tried this mostly to help with texture. It does have a slight smell like everyone says, the best I can describe it is like Dial gold hand soap and maybe dry dog food, but it's honestly not unbearable and I don't even notice it after a couple of minutes. It starts to dry pretty fast and gets really tight, which makes a couple of parts of my face itch a bit. However, once I wash it off my skin is fine and as someone with rosacea, I'm still genuinely surprised that it doesn't cause my face to get red AT ALL. My skin does feel a little tight after, but once I apply my essence and toner it feels fine. It has actually improved my skin texture and the pores on my cheeks and nose genuinely look less prominent.

It really works!

I was a little skeptical when I bought this. Tried it for the first time and was amazed by the results! My skin looks and feels amazing, I felt like I looked at least 5 years younger. Yes it doesn't smell the greatest, but it wasn't overly strong. My skin is very sensitive and I avoid trying new products because a lot irritate my skin, this product didn't. I am so thrilled.

M. Q.
Fun and easy prime day purchase. One mask did 2 faces.

Tbh I don’t think it smells bad like other reviewers said. It’s a little cosmetics-smelling as you mix it, but then when applying it actually smells nice. And the brush feels so lovely and cooling on your skin. Tightens up and crackles and then you wash it off! Skin feels smooth and youthful! Not sure I’d pay full price but it was super fun to do with the kids. 1 mask is more than enough for one face - it can do 2 faces!


I loved it does exactly what it says, I am 63 and look ve alreadyv70 but not today after using this Zombie pack I have bought more already. I don't want to run out of this. I would of done before and after but I don't know how to do that 🤔

It’s more for fun

Honestly, I don’t know if this product us anything for the texture of my skin, but it sure does give me some good laughs with my girlfriends.