[SKINFOOD] Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pad 250g (60EA)

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Keep Calm & Carrot On!
Get soothing relief with this ultra-comforting water pad packed with Carrot Extract and Carrot Seed Oil rich in Beta-Carotene and antioxidants to moisturize the skin while calming over-heated or sensitized skin.
The thick cotton pad has a soft waffle texutre to minimize friction and gently glides across the skin.
This vegan formula is free of animal derived ingredients and perfect for those with sensitive skin types!

On cleansed skin, apply pads onto cheeks or where soothing relief is needed and leave on for 5-10 min. Remove pads and gently swipe on the face avoiding the eye area. Gently pat to help the essence absorb into the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I keep these in my bathroom and they’re part of my night time routine. Wash my face and do a quick swipe with one of these before bed and it’s a lightweight moisturizer. There is a very slight residue but it goes away after 10 mins. It works very well.

Life saver

I tried everything on the market for my extremely dry skin. Makeup would eventuate flakiness but using this as a mask before applying makeup did wonders. Will definitely make this a staple in my routine. The cooling effect is a huge bonus too