[SKINFOOD] Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Barrier Cream 63ml

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Hydrating Cream containing intensified propolis extract and cera-grin complex to strengthen your skin barrier.

Royal Honey : Since ancient times, honey has been considered a rare delicacy with medicinal properties in both Eastern and Western medicine. It's a natural beauty remedy with anti-aging, moisturizing, and anti-septic properties.

In the final step of skincare routine, take a moderate amount and apply it evenly on skin. Pat gently until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I've tried many creams before. I'm 72 and my skin is much better now.

Lydia S.
The PERFECT Moisturizer for Dry Skin!

This one of the many moisturizers I've tried over the past few months, and as you can tell, I'm due for a refill. I couldn't get enough of this product, and feel as if this is the perfect moisturizer for dry to normal skin. It has a gorgeous cream cheese texture, but works into your face lightly. It doesn't have a heavy, oily feel, but more of a cool hydrating feel with a light bouncy finish. The scent is very light and I'm not sure if it has actually fragrance in it, but if you have sensitive skins,, I would check. I reach for this product the most and think it is a fantasy for the morning routine. A small amount goes a long way, which almost makes the price worth it.

My skin GLOWS!

I have used Royal Jelly milk balm for many, many years (like fifty plus!). The company I ordered from changed the formula. This I bought out of desperation. It is fabulous! I saw immediate results. Thank you SkinFood for saving my aging face!

Stefanie G.

I'm giving it a four because I still don't know what effect it will have on my skin but it feels so good. It's like a jar of butter cream that you apply on your face, it's really soft. You don't need too much to apply on it so it could feel enough and on the next morning (i applied it in my nighttime routine) it doesn't feel greasy on the next day. For now I'm really happy with it!