[THE FACE SHOP] Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Toner 150ml

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The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Facial Toner cleanses skin of any remaining residues and impurities left behind by your cleanser. This toner finely tightens enlarged pores and mildly replenishes skin with long-lasting moisture. With rice extract, it brightens skin and corrects skin texture to reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and even out skin tone.

  • Rebalances the pH levels of the skin
  • Immediate boost of hydration to the skin
  • Shrinks pores
  • Adds a layer of protection
  • Preps the skin for the steps that follow

After cleansing, apply a few drop onto a cotton pad or in the palm of your hand.
Gently pat all across the face and chin area.
Pat till fully absorbed into the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This is a great toner if you're after a little extra hydration before serums, it feels great when applied with a soothing effect after cleansing. There is a scent, what I'd describe as grandma rose perfume (powdery floral). It doesn't bother me but if you're sensitive to scents or just dislike that type of scent this may not be right for you. It works most effectively for my dry skin when paired with products that contain hyaluronic acid.

A little goes a long way

This toner smells amazing! It moisturizes well. But I find that sensitive skin may react to the fragrance and could clog pores when more than a thin layer is applied. Works great on hair when used as leave-in conditioner.

Luis a.L.
It’s okay

I bought hoping to add a great toner into my skincare…the smell is overwhelming. It does seem like a great product, but I added this at the same time I changed moisturizer and face wash so now I’m not sure which one is breaking me out so that’s on me! But just be aware of the intense smell.

Chriseve B.
Amazing product!

This thing feels heavenly on my skin! I just made a random choice to try it in my desperation to find products suited to repairing my skin barrier damage. Feels sooo good!

Reah R.

i really like this toner i will purchase again