[THE FACE SHOP] The Therapy Oil Blending Cream 50ml

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THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Oil Blending Cream is a premium anti-aging cream blended with essential oils used by European beauty therapists.
The Therapy range uses optimal blend of flowers, leaves and fruits grown in the Marche Acadamy in Italy and are hand blended at the perfect ratio to deliver anti-aging effects.

After using serum in the morning and evening, apply it on cheeks, chin, forehead, etc. at the cream stage, gently spread from the center of the face outwards, and then gently press the entire face with the palms to calm down.
**Please observe the special usage only when you first open this cream!**
The oil blending cream uses the enclosed spatula instead of mechanical force to mix up and down the upper layer and upper layer by using the enclosed spatula for about 10 seconds. It is a differentiated formulation used in combination, and the cream of two layers is mixed sparsely to give a unique softness and gloss moisture.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Mary S.
It works.

I love it.

Love it!

Love this product for my face.
My skin is very sensitive so it works the best. I have been using the face shop product for years and never had any problems with them. No break outs but clear and great skin.

natalia z.
My favorite moisturizer

I have been using this product for more than a year now and will keep using it. The best moisturizer ever for my skin type.

Allene K.
Great for really dry skin

I've always had very dry skin my entire life and this moisturizer works wonders! It's one of the only moisturizers that work for me. Love love this. And it smells nice as well.

Skin refining properties.

Elegant cream with potential.