[THE FACE SHOP] The Therapy Vegan Blending Cream 60ml

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  • The Therapy Cream’s signature formula : two different layers of formulas.
  • The top layer contains more than 35% rich moisturizers while the bottom layer contains naturally derived oils and ceramide that helps hydrate skin and fortify skin barriers.
  • When oil gel cream and hydrating cream are blended together, the formula develops an airy texture that glides onto skin more naturally and softly.
  • Vegan certification and clinical test completed
  • A Vegan anti-aging cream with gel cream on the top layer and hydrating cream at the bottom layer.

Key Ingredients :
Edelweiss extract cultivated in eco-green nature of Switzerland: increase moisturization and resilience while soothing skin
Thyme extract cultivated with eco-clean water in Valais of Swiss Alps: revitalizes and moisturizes skin
Marche Anti-aging Formula that contains Calendula, Olive Oil and Noble Laurel: an handcrafted anti-aging formula that takes increases resilience in skin
100% certified Vegan formula and all ingredients are EWG-safe
Free of 24 harmful ingredients

Used at the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and gently apply from the bottom to the neck from the bottom to the neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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feels really nice

it's a pretty big container and tho admittedly i don't do a lot of skin care this might be one of my favorite moisturizers. its not incredible and groundbreaking but it is pretty nice feeling.

nik o.
Skin feels hydrated

When you first get this you have to blend the oil on the cream together. I haven't had any negative skin reactions since using it. My skin feels hydrated and I just like the way it feels once I apply it to my skin. I really like this brand and the cream. I love that it's organic too.

Pleasant cream/gel mixture

The Face Shop The Therapy Vegan Blending Cream is a soothing blend of two types of facial moisturizers. It has a cool gel and a heavier cream that must be blended together into a smooth whipped-feeling consistency and then gently pressed into the face. It feels hydrating and leaves my face dewy.

For a reasonably-priced, decent moisturizer, I think this is a good pick. It doesn't irritate my skin, and it leaves my face plump and moisturized. You don't need to buy an entire new container; . It's gentle and economical. Highly recommended.

Really like this. Doesn't clog my pores.

Have noticed a better complexion now. Have used for 3weeks.