[the phi] Hyaluronic Moisture Barrier Cream 80ml

$27.50 $59.00

  • A refreshing moisturizing cream containing 10-layered hyaluronic acid, which helps to charge and soothe moisture and strengthen barriers.
  • This hydrating and firming moisture barrier cream is perfect for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. Skin-friendly formula daily moisture barrier cream with hyaluronic acid and vegetable squalane prescription. Quickly absorbed, fresh finish without stickiness.
  • Slightly acidic pH 5.5 balances your skin for a fresh finish with no stickiness. Keep your skin hydrated and healthy with this amazing moisturizer!

Daily Cream : At the last step of basic basics, take an appropriate amount and gently spread it on the skin, then pat to absorb.
Moisture barrier pack : Apply generously to sensitive and dry skin to use as a sleeping pack or apply it thickly on a cotton pad to use as a cream pack.

Each person may have different effects.
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