[too cool for school] Artclass Fixing Blur Lip (5 Colors) 4.5g

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Fine application without having to worry about makeup transferring : Mask-proof lipstick applies finely onto the lips without worry of makeup transferring.

Blurring velvet with smooth sliding feel : Product slides on so smooth it feels slippery and doesn't make the lips feel tight, leaving a cottony and velvet blurred effect.

Vivid and solid color expression : Color pigments are finely distributed for even and rich color application.

Fresh and bright color mood : Summer pastel color variations perfect for that summer romance

#1 Posy Coral : Apricot coral that's full of innocence
#2 Peach Lit : Daily peach infused with a drop of orange
#3 Pink Garden : Soft and pale pink that blooms with brilliance
#4 Chilling Rose : Bright pink like fresh roses that you can almost smell
#5 Froid Red : Clear red with a bright and refreshing energy

Use the tip of the wand to apply an adequate amount of product on dry, bare lips, smoothly from the inner part of the lips and outward.
Press the lips together a few times to get rid of clumps and fix.

Each person may have different effects.
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