[Torriden] SOLID-IN Ceramide All Day Essence 100ml

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  • Minimal moisturizing care that reduces stickiness and fills only moisture : A milk essence formula that gently penetrates without stickiness fills the skin with the necessary amount of moisture to complete a moisturizing routine with just one use.
  • 5D-complex vegan ceramide : The 5 types of ceramides fill the gaps in the weakened skin with moisture to create a dense moisturizing barrier that prevents moisture from leaking.
  • A balanced triple moisturizing effect of high-content ceramide and panthenol : 5D complex ceramide 15,000ppm and D-panthenol 10,000ppm are combined to calm the skin out of balance due to dryness and complete a strong moisturizing barrier.

Take an appropriate amount, spread evenly on the skin, and tap lightly for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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nice quality serum

this is a good serum, i find myself reaching for it over some of my name brands. very hydrating and lasts all day

동우 양.
light, moisturizing, clean

Nice serum/toner that is light but moisturizes well. I use it first thing after washing and it seems to work well with applying creams and make-up afterwards. It has a very nice consistency and clean ingredient list.