[TPSY] Juicy Lip Plumper (7 Colors) 6g

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  • Tint plumper that provides glowing lip volume.
  • Provides advanced plumping glow effect as you apply to make thick and glossy lip volume.
  • The tint plumper provides both plumping and tinting effects by maintaining long-lasting pigmentation to make vitalizing lips.
  • The 7 different colors of TPSY provide clear, deep, and alluring mood.
  • Lip plumper designed by makeup artist who takes charge of famous idols and influencers.

  • Hyper: The clear and shimmer glitters provide hyper glow and volume, recommended for all skin types.
  • Homebody: Cozy light cool pink shade recommended for summer cool light toned skin.
  • Flushed: Mlbb rosy red that resembles skin complexion recommended for all skin types.
  • Vibing: High chroma cool pink shade recommended for summer cool toned skin.
  • Unpredictable: Subtle and clear burgundy shade for daily use, recommended for winter cool toned skin.
  • Tingling: Soft and milky light peach shade recommended for spring light toned skin.
  • Wild: Bright coral shade recommended for spring warm toned skin.

Use lip liner to expand outer lip line and then use lip plumper from inner part of the lips to make plump and wider lips.

*Your lips may feel temporary stingy but it is carefree to use. However, do not use on wounded lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I love this color so much and it smells amazing, I was looking for a darker lip and this is it! Even though it is a lip plumper, it's super comfortable to wear and very hydrating.


Love this lip plumper. Better staying power on tint than expected. Does not dry out lips and very flattering shade.