[UNLEASHIA] Get Loose Glitter Gel Mini (7 Colors) 4g

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Cruelty-free glitter gels boast long-lasting shimmer with a buildable formula that can be used on face and body! Its iridescent shine is perfect for parties, concerts and extra makeup looks. Free of parabens.

  • A fun, multi-use, glitter-packed gel that is long wearing enough to layer from top to toe.
  • Vegan and cruelty free.
  • With the largest size of glitter for a gorgeous makeup effect.
  • A waterproof and sweat-proof product with powerful adherence and long lasting effect.
  • A transparent base which can be used on face, body and hair.
  • NO animal test, Paraben and animal-derived ingredients.

N°1 Aurora Catcher : aurora-like, purple beam glitter
N°2 Starlit Chaser : star-like, bling-bling variegated glitter
N°3 Gold Obsessor : embroider with gold beam, shining blue gold glitter
N°4 Love Dreamer : lovely peach pink glitter
N°5 Diamond Stealer : blue sliver glitter
N°6 Sunset Lover : sunset base with purple champagne glitter
N°7 Happy Baker : blue lilac glitter

1. Apply a proper amount on the desired area with fingers or brush.
2. Wait for a while to let it dry completely then layer up with face painting/glitter liquid/hair product if needed.
3. Rub slightly with a small amount of water to remove it.

Each person may have different effects.
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