[V&A] Antioxidant Hydration Cream 50ml

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Transparent aging antioxidant cream made with polytenol™
- Antioxidant test completed
- Hypoallergenic test completed
- Clean Formula
- Eco Friendly

  • Firmly strengthen the skin barrier with strong antioxidant energy and moisturize deep into the rough skin to complete noticeable antioxidant care.
  • Feel the strong antioxidant effect of polytenol, an independent antioxidant ingredient.
  • Rose Hip Oil/Actoin/Proteoglycan/Ecoceramide has been added to moisturize the skin and strengthen the barrier
  • Anti-oxidant hydration cream has been proven to be effective in improving the amount of moisturizing 2.5mm deep of the skin by 6% with just one time.

Apply gently along the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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It looks chic and luxurious. It's a creamy formula but not too thick. A little goes a long way, I wax pleanstly surprised how much better my skin looks! It was soft, glowy (not too much, and even out). Along with the ampoule it looked like I got a facial!! Just as the brand suggested, keep your skincare routine light as this product has a lot of good ingredients. I only felt a light cooling sensation for the first two days but nothing irritating. It's a great product!