[ViveLab] Revive Therapy Hair Scalp Enhancing Foam 100ml

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  • Our ViveLab revive therapy hair scalp enhancing foam is the perfect solution for those looking to alleviate hair loss symptoms. This hypoallergenic and vegan-certified foam is enriched with high-quality hair supplements, making it a must-have for anyone looking for an effective hair care routine.
  • Our scalp total care foam is specially designed to provide intensive care for the entire scalp. Its rich texture makes it the perfect choice for night care before bed, as it absorbs effectively on a wide area.
  • At ViveLab, we understand the effects of pollution, irritation and stress on hair and skin, which is why our team’s goal is to help you restore and revive your hair and skin’s natural health.
  • Hypoallergenic / Vegan Certification / Function for alleviating hair loss symptoms
  • A high-enriched hair supplement

Scalp total care
It’s a rich texture for night care before bed
It’s a foam type texture that absorbs effectively on a wide area
For those who need intensive care for the entire scalp

Apply a small amount of the scalp boosting foam to your hairline and the top of your head, and massage it in for optimal absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Ana A.G.
recommending it to my friends

I originally used eyelash nutrition for 2 months and found it so effective that I started using scalp nutrition as well, and it's working as well as I expected. I'm strongly recommending it to my friends.

Maria Z.
It's so cool

I also use this to wash my face in the evening, but it gets a bit sticky so I don't recommend it before going out in the morning! So you have to buy it together with the ampoule.
The effect is amazing. It’s been about a month!!!!! It's so cool...😍 It's a life item.

aziz s.
good products

I lost a lot of hair after giving birth, so I think I've tried all the famous hair loss products, but it worked best for me. If I wash my hair and apply it before going to bed, my scalp feels refreshed by the morning, and the hair that had fallen out is restored and refilled. I can feel it getting better the more I use it consistently!! So good