[VT Cosmetics] PDRN Essence 100 30ml

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  • Plant-based PDRN : VT PDRN essence is uniquely sourced from Korean ginseng, providing a distinctive ingredient choice, rather than the commonly used fish derivatives.

  • All-Day Elegance : Experience our swiftly absorbing, unscented essence, perfect for use at any time of day or night. It delivers enduring radiance and improves your skin's elasticity without any fragrance.

  • Ageless Charm : Specially designed for everyone from their 20s to 50s, our essence preserves the youthful vitality of your skin, ensuring a lasting, vibrant look.

  • Intensive Care : Packed with a powerful 100,000ppm of PDRN solution, our essence revitalizes your skin, infusing it with life and energy. The tight and adherent texture filled with PDRN absorbs moisture and nutrients, providing healthy radiance and elasticity care.

  • Luminous Hydration : VT essence not only forms a glowing moisturizing layer on your skin but also imparts a spa-like water glow effect, refreshing your skin with every application.

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount of essence and gently apply along the skin texture to be absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Alicia R.

Abit the thicker side, but feels nice of my skin after the cica reedle

Karlinka S.

Meine Haut liebt dieses Produkt! Ein heiliger Gral in Ihrer Hautpflegeroutine. Seitdem ich dieses Produkt verwende, kann ich auf meinem gesamten Gesicht einen Unterschied feststellen. Ich liebe den sehr leichten Orangengeruch, der nicht zu aufdringlich ist. Es hinterlässt ein hydratisiertes und leichtes Gefühl auf meinem Gesicht. Ich werde es definitiv wieder kaufen


Very early review so I will not mention any long term results from this. Off the bat this gives you an instant glow and moisture hit that is pretty epic. I love how this feels. There is almost no scent, zero irritation and my skin looks amazing after application.


Haven't tried yet, but all the korean talked really good things about it! Super excited


I only use it at night, as it leaves the skin a little bit shiny, but the next morning my face feels very plump! Kind of expensive for the amount, but works very well!