[VT Cosmetics] Reedle Shot 1000 15ml

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  • Provides sensitive stimulation worry-free, all-day skin boosting.
  • The delicate shape helps with skin absorption and wakes up the skin condition, allowing it to transform into its genuine healthy state.
  • With a soft-textured cream, it provides a rich moisturizing feeling and wraps the skin, giving intensive care during the night. The tingling sensation is seamless and inherent to the product as it absorbs and delivers nutrients.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to: enhance absorption of skincare products, discover at-home skincare yet with the efficacy of a professional treatment, improve overall skin conditions without hurting pocketbook, and stop trying products in vain.

1. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of Reads Shot to a clean face.
2. Massage and roll it in to absorb, then press firmly with your palms at the finishing stage.
3. Adjust the amount and frequency of use according to personal preference, and be sure to moisturize after use and apply sun care when going out.

#Recommended steps
1. Use Reedle Shot 1000 on troubled areas of the face after thoroughly cleansing the face before bed.
2. Soothe and care for the skin with a soothing mask after the Reedle Shot absorption.
3. Apply a thick layer of cica cream after removing the mask to further protect the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Lea m.

C'est comme du microneedling mais moins irritant. Le sérum pénètre rapidement et laisse la peau douce. On peut vraiment constater que les produits que l'on applique après absorbent beaucoup mieux. Je l'utilise une fois par semaine sur les zones à problèmes et je peux constater une différence !

Noor Z.

Quite prickly on the skin but noticeable better results with each increment. Skin become much brighter and smooth the next day.



Joris F.

You can totally feel the tiny needles in the serum activating when you put it on. It gives a little bit tingle and redness. Goes away right away and give you a glow the next day. After face wash you can still feel the tiny needles which I believe makes you skincare absorb better.