[VT Cosmetics] Reedle Shot Synergy Repair Cream 100 50ml

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  • Repair up by selecting the content needed for your skin: High-effectiveness EGF + 9GF + Azulene ingredients are contained in a ratio of 100:300:700 using VT's proprietary technology.
  • * 100 Cream: Riddle Shot for beginners, 1st stage repair, can be used on all skin types
  • VT Riddle Shot Synergy Repair Care that works inside the skin: Riddle Shot awakens dull skin and helps the absorption of active ingredients, providing a soothing and protective effect on skin tired from the external environment.
  • Dense delivery of active ingredients with a soft texture: It touches moistly like whipped cream and is gently absorbed with body heat, effectively delivering moisturizing and active ingredients to tired skin with a comfortable feeling of use.a

Take an appropriate amount of the contents from the morning, evening, and cream use stage, apply it gently along the skin texture, and pat it lightly to absorb it.

Each person may have different effects.
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