[WAKEMAKE] Glow Contouring Highlighter Palette (2 Colors) 7.8g


  • Complete a glow contouring makeup with various shades of light to add dimensional contours.
  • Even beginners can easily apply it smoothly without interruption.
  • It provides a clear and transparent three-dimensional effect without clumping, even after stacking multiple layers with a lightweight and clear builder's texture.
  • It is a highlighter palette that combines four colors and pearl-like glow at once.

01 Warm Glow
- Mermaid: A feast of white, yellow, and pink glitter sprinkled gorgeously on a transparent base color.
- Fantasy: Champagne light natural shimmer pearl deeply permeates on a warm pink color.
- Solar: A natural pearl glow with a faint orange light that shines brilliantly as if it is filled with warm sunshine.
- Dew Beam: A silky and translucent Vaseline light beam that appears transparent or shiny depending on the angle.
02 Cool Glow
- Frost: A dazzling diamond-like white pearl that resembles the sparkling brightness on the snow.
- Milky: Soft pink beam pearl that softly shines with small particles.
- Bloom: A gentle lavender color with a cool pink pearl sprinkled gently on it.
- Pink Aura: Pink aura emitted by cool pink glitter on a clear and transparent pink surface.

Take an appropriate amount of content on your hand or brush, and gently apply it to the areas where you need glow and dimension.
By layering various colors and textures, you can express a more three-dimensional and long-lasting glow.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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02 Cool Glow

Beautiful color pay off & the colors are stunning. It's glowy without having super chunky glitter.

02 Cool Glow

Fine glittery highlight. I love that it comes with a brush. I use it as eyeshadow as well.