[YADAH] Green Tea Pure Cleansing Pad 200ml 60EA

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  • One-step cleansing pad that gently wipes away everything from makeup to dead skin cells with just one pad.
  • One-step cleansing : Solve complex cleansing steps in just one step! When cleansing is a hassle, just use one sheet! Daily makeup is basic, simply use sunscreen and deep cleanse even dead skin cells.
  • Moist cleansing synergy effect : Cleansing and skin care at the same time! Contains natural ingredients such as green tea water/green tea extract, centella asiatica, and olive oil that help cleanse, soothe, and moisturize the skin. It provides cleansing power and a moisturizing feeling after washing your face.
  • No-wash, water base : The water-based formula is full of moisture and provides refreshing and moist cleansing without residue, stickiness, or dryness. It is a no-wash type, so there is no need for separate water washing after wiping.
  • Mild cleansing with hypoallergenic ingredients, dead skin care & slightly acidic formula : The mild vegetable exfoliating ingredients AHA, ВНА and LHA are added to help care for soft and smooth skin texture, and the slightly acidic formula helps with hypoallergenic cleansing with less burden on the skin.

Gently wipe off makeup and impurities from the entire skin with the embossed cotton, then gently wipe off lip and eye makeup with a soft cotton.

Each person may have different effects.
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A go-to cleaning pad

This is a great pretreated cleansing pad when you’re in a rush to go to bed and you want to clean your face of make up, thoroughly and quickly. The container has plenty of liquid in it, so the pads are always extremely wet with plenty of product to remove make-up and grime and to thoroughly cleanse your pores.